Gary Lineker spoke up for the Human Race when he condemned the British Government’s incitement to hate asylum seekers, and dump them in Rwanda. He showed more courage than any of the posturing braggarts in the Tory party and the mostly timid MPs of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.
The Archbishop of York spoke for Christianity, and the rule of law when he declared that the Government’s actions were immoral and intentions illegal.
In the British Scheme of things the Prime Minister comes next in Precedence to the Archbishop of York.
Only an ignorant Parvenu would host a dinner where the Prime Minister would be seated in a more
favoured place.
The Archbishop of York, like his predecessors these past  500, years is an Anglican
Watching the proceedings in the Commons I noticed Jacob Rees Mogg, Bill Cash, and Iain Duncan Smith,all professed Catholics, and I did not observe them giving witness to human, much less Christian, values during the Hate Fest being broadcast to the world.
Nor, have I, to date, heard a peep from a Catholic Bishop, on  the  Carnival of Hatred..
I did read recently of a message sent by the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nicholas
to the New King.
It praised him and his Queen and the late  Queen Elizabeth !! in terms which made me squirm. The
late Queen’s interests were selfish. Her small talk included the cost of keeping a private golf course,
the distress of the scrapping of her private “yacht” the distress at the fie in Windsor Castle, one of hundreds, if not thousands of her homes. There was a time when a divorced person could not dine
with her, but she was such a poor parent that three of her four children, and the incoming Queen
are divorced persons. She treated the unfortunate Diana abominably ,
The Cardinal appears to be inpressed by the faith of King Charles and presumably will be attending
his Coronation if not dancing at his Jam-Rag Ball.
Within weeks of the murder of thirteen unarmed and non-violent Catholic citizens of Derry the Lieutenant-Colonel in charge of the Murder Squad was given an Honour by the Queen, and the Brigadier-General who masterminded the campaign of which that was the highlight got another.
The Paedophile Prince Andrew still enjoys Royal Favour.
The Cardinal appears to be a worthy successor to Cardinal Bourne, who forbade any priest over
he had authority to receive Roger Casement into the Catholic Church.
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