I read in THE IRISH TIMES today that travellers on the underground in Kiev can enjoy views of the 
Cliffs of Moher and other havens of peace and tranquility on posters paid for by  Irish taxpayers.
At the same time the Irish Government has rubbished the work of Eamon de Valera, Frank Aiken and
others which brought peace to those places and created the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, which
saved this planet from Nuclear War for the past 55 years.
The Kiev underground could soon be a safer environment than the Cliffs of Moher or the Lakes of Killarney.
I am delighted to read also that Eamon McCann is now, like myself, in his 9th Decade. He has done some good things in his time.
But he has never appreciated irony.
For he is inordinately proud of spearheading  the campaign which has denied other humans from living to the age of nine months
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