March, 2023

The DUP: the wagons circle

  Speaking of democracy – the Democratic Unionist Party has it in their title – is democracy dovetailing nicely with politics? Well, not really. The average CEO in the US these days earns – or should I say is handed? –  some 400 times the salary enjoyed by the average worker in his/her firm. So […]

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THE ONLY WAY IS ETHICS? – by Donal Kennedy

  “Under its successive names, accepted or given Socety, The South Place Ethical Society is a traceable    and constant endeavour to study carefully, and hope to keep abreast of the growing knowledge of the world, at whatever cost to traditional prejudices and opinions, to do this in a spirit no less of tolerance than of […]

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      Russia gave Ukraine a substantial repayable loan in 2013 and Ukraine has ratted on the agreement.   The loan was in Eurobonds. Disputes on such loans are referred to the Supreme Court of the United  Kingdom.   Russia has made a claim for a return of its money.   Ukraine claims that […]

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