THE ONLY WAY IS ETHICS? – by Donal Kennedy


“Under its successive names, accepted or given Socety, The South Place Ethical Society is a traceable    and constant endeavour to study carefully, and hope to keep abreast of the growing knowledge of the world, at whatever cost to traditional prejudices and opinions, to do this in a spirit no less of tolerance than of sincerity”
     – Moncure Conway, on the (First) Centenary of the Society in 1893.
The Society endures under the title The Conway Ethical Society and a handsome Art Deco Meeting
 Place, The Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square has been let out for private hire since its opening in
 1929 for peaceable campaigns and debate.
 I have been at a few meetings there over the past forty years and although differing opinions were
 voiced there were no blows struck or threatened.
 The Conway Hall took a booking for a meeting entitled “No 2 Nato” for the 25th of February, It was to  be addressed by Craig Murray, a former UK Ambassador and longtime Human Rights Campaigner
 and Blogger.
  Mr Murray writes that “those of us critical of the aggressive promotion of war in Europe, are not only barred from mainstream media and confined to corners of the internet, and even then heavily       suppressed on social media (which is why Sy Hersh’s article does not have the scores of millions of
  millions of readers it merits.
  We can’t even have freedom of assembly. Two established left-wing venues have cancelled the 
   No 2 Nato meeting I am addressing in London on 25 February. Conway Hall’s reasons for 
   cancellation  include threats to funding and fears for the safety to staff”
  “Sy Hersh” (Seymour Hersh) is an 83-year-old Pulitzer Prize- winning American journalist  who
    broke the news to the world of the 1968 My Lai massacre of Vietnamese men, women and
    children by American troops (3 years later) and has continued exposing the crimes of “the
    Free World” for the more than 50 years that have followed.
   My source is THE IRISH POLITICAL REVIEW  (March 2023)
    That monthly is published by The Aubane Historical Society. It is written by amateurs, some
    of them bona fide historians, despised by some Presstitutes and Cute Hoors because they
    are not on the Great Game waged on Russia.  



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