Well now – another beautiful early summer day – isn’t it good to be alive? And you can become even more alive by viewing myself and Pat. This Friday we discuss Stephen Collins, who thinks a lot loony lefties are setting the agenda on Irish neutrality. Then there’s the question of (southern) Irish neutrality – should the Dublin government drop its ‘neutral’ tag and pull its weight in defence of the West?  And here – what about that ban they’re setting up in Greystones, Co Dublin – primary school kids will be banned from having phones. Is this long overdue or is it turning your back on the modern world – could kids’ phones be used to help educate them, rather than. Banned as a danger to school work?


Finally – and maybe most important – are the DUP preparing to creep back into Stormont, waving a couple of billion over their heads and shouting “Look what we got!”, while letting the Windsor Framework stay as is?


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