A letter to the IT – by Donal Kennedy

Dear Sir,
In 1962 the US Embassy in Dublin contained armed US Marines.
The Gardai were so protective of the Embassy that they brutally manhandled peaceful protestors.
The context was the Soviet installation in Cuba of nuclear weapons at the invitation of
the Cuban Government and the responding invocation by the US Government of the Monroe Doctrine, a doctrine with no status in international law.
The writer Frank O’Connor had a letter published in condemnation of the Garda handling
of the demonstration.and at least one Dublin paper had the courage to publish it.
Today Ireland is chock-full of writers and the state coffers well-capable of protecting all
the embassies and diplomatic offices in the state from attack.
Molly-coddling crazy truckers who attack embassies should be replaced by the confiscation
of their trucks, the withdrawal of their driving licences, increases in their insurance premiums
and whatever other measures are needed to allow for the exercise of diplomacy and civilised
exchange of information and opinions.
Perhaps the Irish Times will help with this project by publishing an Editorial?
Yours faithfully
Donal Kennedy
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