Here’s a story for the day that’s in it.

There was this woman who’d fallen on hard times. Her husband had left her, she was struggling to raise three children, it was becoming increasingly difficult to pay her mortgage.  Distraught, she went into a church and knelt.

“Oh God, I’m really up against it. I’m getting closer and closer to the point where my wages simply won’t cover the mortgage and put food on the table. I beg of you as your humble servant, please please let me win the Lotto this week. “

So the weekend came, the draw was made – and she hadn’t won. Back to prayer.

“Dear God, I’ve never felt so low. My bank manager rang today and said I must come and see him, my failure to pay mortgage instalments is rapidly reaching crisis point. One of my children has become surly and rebellious and complains that he hasn’t got an iPad like the other children, and my boss at work says he wants to have a talk with me. I’m scared, God, and you’re the only one can help me. Please, in the name of love, let me win in this week’s Lotto draw.’

The draw came, the draw went, still nothing for this wretched woman. She went into the church which was nearly deserted and knelt in front of the altar, her arms spread in supplication. “Dear God, I don’t know if I can take it any more. My boss says he has to cut back on staff at the end of the month, and unfortunately I’m one of those he’s going to let go. I know it’s a sin to despair, but what else can I do?  You are my last hope – I beg of you, let there be a miracle this weekend. The prize is €5 million  – I’d be happy to give half of it to charity. This is my final appeal :   on bended knees I beseech you, please please please let me win the Saturday Lotto draw!”

Suddenly there was a huge roll of thunder and a light shone onto the kneeling figure of the woman. As the thunder died a booming voice filled the church. “Work with me on this, would you? Buy a ticket”.

As with the Lotto draw, something momentous may well happen today – le cunadh Dé  – with God’s help. But not even God can help us if we don’t buy a ticket. So get down to the voting centre and play your part in achieving seismic change by casting your vote.






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  1. James Hunter May 18, 2023 at 2:22 pm #

    Very good Jude