As you’ve probably noticed by now, they have begun counting the votes for local councils here in NEI. Everyone agrees that the powers of local councils have nothing to do with the constitutional question, except that they have loads to do with the constitutional question. Stop swearing, be patient – Pat and I will explain all.

A video has been circulating on the internet, showing a 14-year-old boy being savagely attacked by a group of boys, somewhere south of the border. The  14-year-old was different in some way –  perhaps gay – and that was enough for his attackers to feel justified in what they did. Yes, I think the puke-bucket may be called for. But here’s a question – if you came on that video, would you view it?

Hostility towards refugees is rising in the south – witness the burning of tents in Dublin, the blocking of the route to a centre in Clare where a few hundred refugees were to be housed. The local people say they weren’t consulted. Does that justify the blockade? And is there any way we could change refugees as a burden to refugees as a boon?

Brexit hasn’t worked – even Nigel Farage says that now. But he says it’s because the Tories have mishandled things. Do you believe him? Is there a British politician with the guts to stand up and say “This is madness – let’s have a rethink about EU membership?” Probably not, and certainly not Keir Starmer.

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