A SOUL BROTHER? By Donal Kennedy




Leo Varadker, Soul Brother of the late Hitler Shirt-wearing* Ernst Rohm, has been to Kiev to worship the junta there and to dishonour the memory of Eamon de Valera, probably the most rational, ethical and successful public figure of the twentieth century.

I mean to support my contention with irrefutable argument . But I’m on holiday now.
Varadker is today’s leading Blueshirt from a party that in Government in 1931 could not at the League of Nations find fault with the attack by Britain’s then ally, Japan,seizing Manchuria from China. When Fianna Fail took office, Eamon De Valera pressed the League to impose sanctions on the aggressor.
 When Fascist Italy attacked Abyssinia, De Valera demanded that the members of the League of Nations honour their Covenant and impose effective sanctions on the aggressors. He was willing to commit Irish soldiers – men whose national allegiance was to Ireland to an internation\ League force devoted to its Covenant.
Britain’s Anthony Eden labelled Dev as “a firebrand.” 
But, to be fair, Britain did resist Italy and its aggression.
Italy paid fees into the British-owned Suez Canal Company’s coffers, for the passage of the aggressors with their war materiel through it. 
Napoleon dismissed the English as a nation of shopkeepers. That nation’s rulers might be,without injustice described as shoplifters.
Fine Gael,on losing office in 1932 had lost all pretence of believing in democratic parliamentary
politics and had adopted the strutting, saluting and uniform-wearing habits of Mussolini’s Blackshirts and Hitler’s Brown-Shirts, “Hitler-Shirts” in John A Costello’s  admiring speech.
Fine Gael attacked De Valera’s principled, sane approach . They appealed for support for “Catholic”
Italy’s rape of an innoffensive nation. Pope Pius II was no better.
Mussolini, an ex Socialist, who had been bankrolled by British Intelligence since about 1917 had a
Senior Italian Socialist MP murdered. He was rewarded by Britain’s King George V in 1923 becoming
a Knight of the Bath, an Honour not revoked until he attacked France in 1940.
Today Sir Keir Starmer shares Musso’s Old Honour.
When German Jews were deprived of their civil, employment and property rights by the Nuremburg
Decrees in 1935, Eamon de Valera publicly condemned that NAZI enactment.
For this Dev was criticised by Fine Gael’s Desmond Fitzgerald.
When the following year, General Franco was airlifted from the Canary Islands (where the Spanish
Government had stationed him believing he could do no harm) by British Agents to Spanish Morocco
from which he launched his treasonable tyranny on his nation, Fine Gael Blueshirts organised an Irish Fascist unit in their support.
I don’t know what happened to the Grace of God, who must have been asleep when Varadker, a Soul-Mate of Ernst Rohm, became Taoiseach.
It is an Office in which Eamon de Valera earned the respect of many  nations struggling from the shackles of imperial tyranny. Most notably INDIA, Varadker’s paternal home.

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  1. Donal Kennedy September 25, 2023 at 10:02 am #

    I meant to say, in fairness to Britain that she MADE MUSSO pay for his rape of Abyssinia. into the coffers of Britain’s Suez Canal,

    I did not mean to say that Britain offered any resistance to the Fascist aggression..

    It must be the Mediterranean heat, or too much Rose Wine that, momentarily, befuddled yours truly!