Gaza, Egypt, Ukraine: What is the common denominator ? – by Fra Hughes


Let’s begin with Gaza shall we? Are you sitting comfortably?
In 2006 the American administration and  Israel supported by Britain and the European Union called for elections in the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza .
The stated aim of these elections was to have a democratically returned leadership in place representing the majority of the Palestinian people which America, Israel and others wished to enter into dialogue with regarding the future of negotiations between Israel ( occupied historic Palestine) and the newly elected government representing the Palestinian people
Ok so far ?
Well ,the elections were held , the people decided who would represent them and those representatives returned to government.
These elections were carefully monitored and no accusations of impropriety were observed.
Those with the most seats were ready to form the legislature and enter into talks with Israel and America.
But there was a problem, it appears the people of Palestine democratically elected the wrong leadership.
The Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas lost the election by quite some margin
Having been deselected by the Palestinian people ,the new leadership was ready to take its place.
Israel, America and others who had called for full and fair elections then denied the people of Palestine their right to elect their own leaders by refusing to accept the democratic will of the Palestinian people, and denying their new representatives a voice.
Abbas also refused to accept the result and grabbed power in the occupied West Bank leaving Gaza as the only constituency which stood by the election results 
Abbas has remained in place as America and Israels man in Ramallah. He refuses to hold elections and is infact a dictator from 2006 clinging on to power supported by the West and Israel.
He is a quisling collaborator alongside the Palestinian Authority who are de facto enabling the Zionist regimes continued usurpation of the West Bank and illegal coercive sanctioning of Gaza.
For those who support Abbas and the Palestinian Authority you must be acutely aware that you are supporting  an Israeli approved compliant unelected regime reminiscent of the German installed collaborators of the Vichy government in France during the Second World War. 
I wonder if they ever faced the firing squad or Nuremberg trials after France was liberated in 1945?
If you’re at a loss as to who you might support if not the PA, then perhaps you consider supporting those who actually won the election in 2006?
I will leave that between you and your conscience and the political parties you may be a member of, or vote for .
The Central Elections Commission released the final results on Sunday, 29 January 2006, and announced that Change and Reform (Hamas) had won 74 of the 132 seats, while Fatah trailed with 45. According to the results, Hamas won the large majority of the constituency seats
Egypt after Mubarak.
The Egyptian revolution centered on Tahrir Square, Cairo , a place I was lucky enough to visit and attend anti government demonstrations that led to the ousting of the hated repressive regime of Hosni Mubarak in 2011.. 
It led to elections that returned President Morsi as the people’s choice and elected leader .
Morsi was a member of the Muslim brotherhood,  an organisation that has many branches and facsimiles throughout west Asia.
It has very many laudable social programmes but stands accused of being a tool of both British and Western hegemonic designs in the region
Hamas it is claimed by some was an off shoot of the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood.
Morsi eased the restrictions on Gaza and gave hope to the people of the besieged enclave. Morsi was a political leader not a military despot.
America, Israel and others then conspired to have the democratically elected President deposed in a military coup and Abdel Fattah El Sisi another military man grabbed power,  reinforcing the Israeli blockade of Gaza by land sea and air, further strangling the economy and stranding 2.2 million people in a kind of slow death limbo.
Death by attrition. Death by indifference 
Can you see a pattern developing ?
Two democratically elected  governments overthrown against the wishes of their peoples.
How could Ukraine possibly fit into this dystopian matrix?
Well, let’s see.
Midan Square 2014 and  ,did you guess it, the overthrow of the democratically elected President and government by a neo-fascist mob financed, armed, directed and supported by Biiden,Nuland and the European Union.
The military occupation of the Russian speaking, Russian Orthodox areas of  Donbas and Crimea.
The people of Donbas and Crimea refused to live under a fascist coup which had determined to annihilate their culture,language and religion.
The ensuing conflict was almost inevitable .
The deceit of Macron and Merkel has been widely exposed for all to see.
They have publicly bragged how they lied when they signed as co-guarantors the Minsk Agrrements between Ukraine and the Oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk.
They claimed they were buying time to organise peace in the region ,when infact they were secretly buying time to arm and train a massive Ukraine fascist led militia to occupy and destroy the people in Eastern Ukraine, who wanted nothing more than  autonomy within a federal Ukraine.They wanted to remain Ukranian citizens.
The barbaric zionist genocidal carpet bombing of Gaza together with 300,000 soldiers massed on the border with Gaza was mirrored in Ukraine by the 700,000 strong fascist led militia that was preparing to decimate the Donbas and Crimea.
The destruction of human life we witness in Gaza could very well have been visited upon the peoples of Donbas.
The Russian Federation prevented this. 
To those who claim Russia is an imperialist expanding state i stand dumbfounded by  your ignorance, in defiance of reality. Gaza,Egypt,Ukraine The common denominator is America Britain Israel and The European Union.
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