“The special Trades Union Congress held at the Central Hall, Westminster, yesterday, decided by a card vote of 2,760,000 to 1,636,000 to demand the withdrawal of all British troops from Ireland and the cessation of the production of munitions destined for  Ireland and Russia. In case the Government refuses these demands the Congress is to recommend a general “down tools”  policy, and  call the trade unions of the country to carry out the policy by taking ballots of their members or by other methods in accordance with their constitution.
This victory for “direct action” must not be regarded as involving an early general strike in support of Sinn Fein demands. Before any final decision is taken the feeling of the rank and file of the trade union movement has to be ascertained by ballot, and another Congress will probably be summoned to considerthe ballots and the attitude of the Government under the threat of a stoppage of industry.. The “down tools”resolution was carried by the Miners’ Federation, an organization that favours direct action, but it is probable that many of the delegates it is a weapon to supplement the more moderate proposals put forward by the National Union of Railwaymen which had previously received a majority vote. The railwaymen called for a truce between all the parties and asked that the Irish people on the one hand should use their power and influence to stop murder and outrage, and that the Government on the other hand should withdraw the army of occupation. In the event of the truce being arranged it was proposed that an Irish Parliament with full Dominion powers should be given forthe interests of minorities.
Some surprise was occasioned by the action of the Congress in voting on the miners’ resolution. The feeling  of the delegates, as expressed by earlier votes, seemed to be in favour of attempting to secure better understanding between the workers of Ulster and the other Provinces, and asking the the Government to make use of this improved atmosphere, if achieved, to give an immediate and substantial measure of Home Rule.”
One Hundred and Three Years Later, the British TUC has demanded the manufacturer of more armaments to give to the Fascist Regime in Ukraine to kill Russians. And Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has nothing to offer the Palestinians except genocide at the hand of their friends

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    There were 1 or 2 infinitesmal slips in my transcription of the 1920 piece.