October 7: How come it happened?

The Israeli embassy in South Korea has removed a video showing an imaginary scenario in which Koreans are attacked by masked assailants in Seoul, a reference to Hamas, Seoul’s foreign ministry said today.

In ways you can see why they’d do it. The Israeli embassy in South Korea put up the video on Facebook, with the question “Imagine if it happened to you – what would you do?”  They’ve taken it down now, but the idea presumably was because Israel needs to bring home to others the pain which became trigger for the slaughter of over 20,000 Palestinians.

Unfortunately, no embassy has put up a video showing what innocent Palestians are enduring every day.Sometimes reports refer to “unimaginable suffereing” as Israel rains down death from the sky. But they’re not unimaginable – we just choose not to think of such slaughter being meted out in our country.

Israel, of course, pleads self-defence. But what Israael is in fact intent on is creating a bigger Israel – Gaza, the West Bank. If it succeeds, how will Palestinians fare inside this enhanced Israel?  It’ll be the same apartheid state that Israel is now, except bigger and more intense. For those intent on  expanding Israeli control in the Middle East, October 7 was a wonderful day.

One question that has been given little or no attention: how on earth did Hamas make its way through the defences Israel had constructed? Or plan the attack for two years without Israeli intelligence getting so much as a whiff of what was being plotted? It’s not hard to imagine that Israel might in fact have deliberately weakened its defence, giving Hamas an opportunity for slaughter and Israel an opportunity to beat the Palestinians out of the Gaza strip and then out of the occupied territories in the west.

Israel has a case to make about the horror of October 7.  Likewise, the rest of the world has a case to make about the horror of life for a Palestinian before  October 7, and how the killing incursion of Israel was allowed to happen.

I suspect the world has recoiled from the idea that Israel might deliberately allow the attack of October 7 to happen to its own people. If my suspicion is accurate, then maybe the world should look at how Israel has responded, slaughtering so many thousands of Palestinians who had and have no part in the Hamas violence. And think what the West would have said if Russia had attacked Ukraine witl the same ‘mowing-the-lawn’ cruelty.

3 Responses to October 7: How come it happened?

  1. Michael December 28, 2023 at 6:49 pm #

    I suppose you would also blame the Jews for allowing themselves to be gassed by the Germans, Jude?

  2. Damian December 29, 2023 at 7:40 pm #

    well said Jude, it’s about time people stopped using the Holocaust as a reason to allow Israel carry out the same attempt at genocide in this century

    • Brendan December 29, 2023 at 8:04 pm #

      The whole truth about 7 October will probably never emerge, not because the truth might be out there, but because powerful institutions in the USA and the West do not want any version of a story which blackens the reputation of Israel, to get any traction.

      A case in point – it is well known that Israel has a nuclear weapons capability. The technology and assistance was provided covertly by the USA. Israel illegally abducted the scientist Mordechai Vanunu who informed the world about it, from Italy, and imprisoned him in Israel. The USA who supplied the materials and know how to Israel is a senior party to the non-proliferation pact designed to ensure that other countries do not get nuclear weapons.

      Israel simply denies it has a nuclear capability.

      Case closed!

      As far as the West is concerned, no sanctions or action of any kind need be taken, indeed the West supplies billions of $ each year providing a rogue military power with military hardware.

      Iran, a much larger country, does not have nuclear weapons. Iran denies it has ever had nuclear weapons.

      Case closed you might think, just like Israel.

      No! Iran has had global sanctions imposed upon it by the US. Any country which is suspected of supply anything to Iran has sanctions imposed upon it. The US and Israel murder senior Iranian military figures in targeted military strikes and our newscasters don’t provide any footage of the innocent people murdered in the US or Israeli drone strikes. Yet when a garage-made missile is fired at Israel we are provided with real time footage of alarm claxons, ambulances with lights blazing and people running for cover. We are provided with interviews from anxious citizens and are told about how they were concerned for their children and we are left with final footage of the empty swings in a children’s play park.

      We are not allowed to be empathetic with the innocent civilians murdered by Israeli and US drone strikes. We are never told who they are or anything about their lives, indeed we are left with a doubt that they were murdered at all. We are told that (the shady) authorities in the region ‘claim’ that X number of innocent civilians died in the drone missile strike.

      Our media has set the stage of who the bad guys are and the good guys are in any narrative. Like an old Hollywood Cowboy and Indian film, we get to meet the characters of the cowboys and their loved ones. We are shown images of them smiling, kissing loved ones and being kind to their pet dog and their horse. While for the Indians we are shown burned out houses, dead homesteaders and dark angry painted faces speaking unintelligible whoops as they scalp an innocent.

      And so it is that our media tells us who the bad guys are. When it comes to China we are shown men in military uniform, or the polit bureau meeting and images of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

      Imagine every time the US was referenced on TV that we were shown reels of the Ohio National Guard murdering students during the Kent State Massacre or images of the US marines holding aloft the heads of the Vietnamese that they had cut the heads off or napalm bombs being dropped on some of the 2 million Vietnamese murdered by the Americans and their allies.

      No it wouldn’t happen! It would be career suicide for the TV producer that ran such a narrative, if not the TV station.

      Simply ask yourself, have you EVER seen a TV documentary or TV news item running about the the Israeli nuclear arsenal and the individuals with their finger on the button which could potentially set off world war 3?

      Why not?

      Can we claim to be a free society when we are clearly not allowed to see the media broadcast the truth about one of the most destabilizing regimes on earth?