What kind of God does Netanyahu and his ally Biden believe in?  by Joe McVeigh

Clearly, Netanyahu believes in the god of vengeance and punishment. He once quoted the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes ‘there is a time for war’.  He and his Zionist government are pursuing a policy of genocide in Gaza. Already, Netanyahu’s army has killed over 21, 000 Palestinians in Gaza in their stated aim of destroying Hamas. They have the support of US President Biden and the US government and they have no intention of quitting until Gaza is a wasteland and then they will continue to destroy the West Bank. They do not care about the cost in human lives because they have no care for human life. They have lost all moral sense of what is right and what is wrong. They are acting like men out of their minds.

Clearly Biden, that great ‘Irish man’ and fervent Roman Catholic believes in the same god as Netanyahu –the god of retaliation and war. This is not the God of Jesus Christ who took the side of the poor and oppressed and made peace and justice central to his preaching and ministry. It cost him is life because the political and religious powers at the time also believed in the god of vengeance and retaliation

The Christian Pastor of Bethlehem, Reverend Munther Isaac, posted a video on Youtube condemning the ongoing killing of Palestinians. He also condemned the hypocrisy of the West and the Churches about their weak ambivalent response to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. If the Christian Churches cannot condemn the Israeli genocide then they have lost all claim to moral authority.

I have heard that some Catholic priests in Ireland during their homilies at Mass have blamed both sides for the conflict. This is a cop-out. These men who sit on the fence have no moral compass and repeat the propaganda  that both Hamas and the Zionists are equally to blame. They are taking apolitical not a moral position. They seem to accept that the Israeli response to the Hamas bombing on 7th October is justified.  As the UN secretary, Antonio Gutteress, has said the October 7th bombing did not happen in a vacuum. Questions still remain about how Hamas was able to carry out that bombing without the help of Israeli intelligence.

The only encouraging sign at present is the growing support around the world for the Palestinian people and the growing demand that they will have a state that they can call home.

Meanwhile, there is much we all can and must do to show our opposition to the actions of the Israeli government. We must Boycott all Israeli goods and products and businesses. The Israelis have   a great many interests and products in the shops and supermarkets. I saw some Starbucks products in a supermarket today. Shop owners should not stock Israeli goods and shoppers should stop buying any Israel products.  That is the least we can do to support the people of Palestine in their hour of need.  A list of Israeli products can be found on the internet. Those who believe in the God of Peace and Justice must act now on behalf of the Palestinian people and oppose the Zionist war-mongers.

2 Responses to What kind of God does Netanyahu and his ally Biden believe in?  by Joe McVeigh

  1. Donal Kennedy December 27, 2023 at 9:41 pm #

    When up to 100 journalists have been deliberately murdered by the Israeli “Defence” Forces.what
    solidarity do Western Journalists Trade Unionist Offer them?

    When Doctors and Nurses, Teachers, and other professional carers are murdered by the “Defence”
    forces, where is the International support for their victims?

    A Great Number of Jews have publicly condemned the Genocidal campaign of the United States,
    the Israeli Government and their Western puppets.

    Those Jews should be supported by every paid-up member of the human race.

    Ethics are far more valuable than ethnic exceptionalism

  2. Michael December 27, 2023 at 11:45 pm #

    What did Hamas expect would happen when they embarked on their murder, rape and kidnapping spree on the 7th October? Why aren’t the left calling for Hamas to unconditionally surrender to stop the onslaught in Palestine? Joe McVeigh needs to get real here.