In 1945 at the end of the war in Europe, the fruit of British intrigue and incompetence, Winston Churchill unleashed a bilious attack on Ireland’s refusal to repeat John Redmond’s disastrous 1914 marching to the beat of a British drum.

Churchill singled out Irish people,such as Brendan Finucane, who marched or flew to that Imperial drum, and denied the right of Ireland to their freedom to do otherwise.

While Irishmen and women  in British uniform were fighting and dying Churchill had plans for their compatriots, Orange, Green, Male, Female, Infant and Geriatric, should the Germans have landed anywhere in Ireland.

An RAF Bomber Squadron at Feltwell in Suffolk was equipped with poison gas sprays to be unleashed on Ireland, North, South,  East or West in those circumstances.

The poisons included mustard gas and phosgene.

The Germans had been in occupation in Europe from Norway to the French/ Spanish Border since 1940, indeed in countries which had remained neutral before that occupation, without incurring Churchill’s wrath or the punishment he would have unleashed on Ireland.

Churchill was an avowed genocidalist praising the wiping out of “inferior” peoples in the Americas, Australia, Asia,the Middle East and Ireland.




  1. Donal Kennedy March 1, 2024 at 8:59 pm #

    This blog incorporates a letter to the Editor of The Irish Post (London) my good friend, Malcolm Rogers
    arising from his story of a film about Brendan Finucane, from Dublin who painted a Shamrock on his
    British Air Force Spitfire , which has picked up more than 50 awards internationally . The DVD premiere
    of the film will be released on March 11.

    The British Premier Winston Churchill made a vicious intemporate wireless attack on Ireland’s right to
    conduct her own foreign policy, which Eamon de Valera answered with school-masterly logic and politeness.

    I have added the comments on Churchill’s plans for Ireland for which, if necessary I can quote chapter
    and verse,
    film will be

  2. Another Jude March 1, 2024 at 10:45 pm #

    Nothing I hear or read about Churchill surprises me. He was an English nationalist who cared absolutely nothing for any other country or it’s people. No wonder they chased him out of the shipyard when he was a Liberal MP.