Israel responds: what comes next ? – by FRA HUGHES


The attack on the Iranian Consulate by the Zionist apartheid regime on April 01 2024 was a blatant act of war. Under international law every diplomatic embassy is protected under article 51 of the Geneva Covention 1961. The Iranian embassy in Damascus,Syria is deemed to be Iranian national territory, thereforean attack on the embassy is seen to be an attack on the sovereignty of Iran.

Now that we have that clarified, let us explore the reasons why the apartheid colonialist regime carried out this atrocious crime.

There are in reality only two ways of exploring the rationale behind the zionist attack.
In scenario number one, the Israeli war criminal cabinet deliberately attack on the diplomatic mission in Damascus in order to assassinate the current leaders of the Iranian Republican Guard Corp and the Qassam Brigades was to disrupt the efforts of the Axis of Resistance to alleviate some of the inhumane suffering being experienced by the civilian population of Gaza and the occupied West Bank.
In a further continuance of Israeli American and British targeted attacks on high ranking Iranian officials from scientists to military strategists, such as General Qassam Soleimani, these assassinations are used to inhibit the sovereign right of Iran to carry out its peaceful military and scientific programs in line with international norms.

Israel may have destroyed 80 % of the infrastructure in Gaza, slaughtering 35,000 civilians and maiming 75,000 others in the process, it may have devastated hospitals, schools, water treatment plants , desalination plants, bakeries, livestock, agricultural lands and animal farms, but it has not freed one hostage nor defeated the resistance factions in Gaza, who I might remind you have the right under international law to resist foreign occupation by any and all means necessary including the right of armed resistance.

The second scenario portrays the attack on the consulate in Syria as a trap, used to lure Iran into a regional war with Israel where the Americans, the British and others will attack Iran using the excuse of defending Israel.

In 1953 Britain and America led a coup in Iran to oust the democratically elected leaderMohammad Mosaddegh who had recently nationalised the oil industry. The Anglo Iranian oil company ,now BP stood to lose millions . A coup followed, with the Shah installed and between 1953 and the Iranian peoples revolution of 1979 , western imperialism and its capitalist masters drank deeply from the trough of Iran’a natural resource.

The day after the Iranian people’s revolution succeeded, the western backed counter-revolution began and has been running in place ever since trying to destabilise Iran in the interests of Zionism and western hegemony. If indeed the embassy was a trap, then where might we possibly go from here?

The zionist regime is already claiming that Iran will fit nuclear warheads to its long range hypersonic missiles and is trying to coalesce a regional coalition of the willing to stand against Iran.
The leaders of Iran recently returned to power in the country’s elections have vowed never to use nuclear weapons as they are an abomination before God, and the apartheid regime appears to be reusing the weapons of mass destruction narrative which we all know was the lie used by Blair and Bush to destroy Iraq, which they once used in a proxy war to attack Iran for over a decade in which saw 800,000 combatants on both sides perish, leaving Israel as the only winner in that conflict.

The irony is that having disposed of Saddam Hussein an enemy of Iran , Iraq is now an ally of Iran, alongside Syria,Lebanon and Yemen.

In conclusion either the IRGC has called Israel’s bluff and a new era is dawning where the apartheid regime will have to reconsider its present policy of murdering anyone anywhere anytime , without being held to account , or Israel has manoeuvred the west, Britain USA Germany France ,Italy, the G7 and others into another Iraq type conflict where westerners and Iranians might die while zionists hide in their bomb shelters letting the Christians and Muslims slug it out and then resurface as the victors in another war in West Asia ,engaged by the west in order to save their surrogate colonial settler state by destroying all those who oppose the abomination of fascism that is found within supremacist  Israeli society and its war criminal leaders whom they elect , re-elect and endorse.



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