Is Hamas so silly that when seizing Israeli prisoners to trade them for Palestinian
prisoners held by Israelis that they would then rape, abuse  and murder the
It seems to me that the Israeli regime has such contempt for the intelligence of the
rest of mankind that it expects us to believe such nonsense.
The Israeli regime does not even pretend to recognise the humanity of Arabs. 
In its refusal  the regime devalues its own humanity. 
Let’s  get things straight.
Jews are human human, with human rights and human duties.  
No less human and no more human than Gentiles.
By denying the humanity of Arabs the Israeli regime feels free to
engage in genocide.
The current regime in Ukraine denies the humanity of speakers of  Russian and
 Christians who follow the rites of the Russian Orthodox Church, and its hatred
 for everything Russian mirrors that of the Zionists for Arabs.
Nearer home elements of the British Establishment – government, media and
academia  – retain the contempt and hatred for us Irish of their genocidal ancestors
in the age of “The Faerie Queen.” There is a cartoon from 1581 which I can’t
locate just now. But no matter there are others.
 Following the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 a book of cartoons by British 
 and Irish cartoonists “DRAWING CONCLUSIONS” reproduced cartoons
 published between the year of insurrection 1798 and the near conclusion
 of Ireland’s longest war in 1998.
 British cartoonists invariably depicted the Irish as less than human. Half-witted,
 with simian (ape-like) features,or Frankenstein monsters, never, ever. as fully
By contrast, Irish cartoonists, even when depicting atrocities inflicted by the by
the British in Wexford in 1798 depicted their enemies as fully human beings.
Indeed then and later Irish cartoonists drew their enemies as rational beings
who understood morality even when not upholding it. Man has been defined
as a rational and moral animal.
The warm friendship displayed between Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley and
 and the excellent relationship between Michelle O’Neill & Emma Little Pengelly
appear to have paved the way to dump centuries of bigotry and suspicion into
the dustbin of history.
But at least one British cartoonist is caught in a time-warp.Peter Brookes, the
leading cartoonist of THE TIMES depicted Michelle O’Neill, on her election as
First Minister, saying “Who’d have thought it?” while an IRA group was firing
a salute. The IRA destroyed its weapons years ago and Sinn Fein won a huge
majority of Irish parliamentary seats in 1918 and 1921. 
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