‘Stay Resilient’ by Joe McVeigh

In an article in the Irish Times on 15th May 2024 the Palestinian ambassador to Ireland, Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid wrote: “Since October 7th 2023, Israel launched a vicious aggression against our people in Gaza, with 35,000 killed and tens of thousands maimed or missing under the rubble, the vast majority being women and children.”

“Over the past six months Israel has deliberately targeted the civilian population (of Gaza), and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, hospitals, schools, all our universities, mosques, churches and historic architecture. It has killed students, teachers, professors, artists, doctors, surgeons, medical workers, aid workers, 140 journalists. Professions have been decimated. No one is immune…With each day the suffering of our people deepens…

“The only answer I have for my family in Gaza is that we will get out of this dark tunnel soon. Stay resilient. The whole world is protesting for justice and human rights for the Palestinians. The world’s solidarity will endure. Students and the generation of young people are rising up in protest. Justice will prevail in the end.”

I believe this woman is telling the truth and I admire the strength of this woman.  Her advice “Stay Resilient” may be difficult for the people living in such fearful and atrocious conditions.

There was a time in the 1980s when I felt the same about our situation in the north of Ireland. It never was as serious as what is taking place in Gaza today but at the time the future looked bleak and many in the Catholic community lived in fear of the British and their agents of death. The Catholic/Nationalist/Republican community had suffered greatly since the partition of Ireland in 1921. This suffering intensified after the Civil Rights movement began to campaign for Equality. The British refused to concede equality.

The Palestinians have suffered grievously ever since the setting up of the two states in 1948. The ambassador writes: “Since 1948, Israel has systematically and relentlessly persisted with the colonisation of Palestine, taking control of the land and ethnically cleansing its indigenous people.”

It is difficult to see a just solution to this vicious onslaught on the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank but, like the ambassador, I too believe in the power of world solidarity with the Palestinian people to eventually bring about justice and peace.

The cost has been shocking-beyond belief.

The Israeli government under Netanyahu has not listened to appeals from Pope Francis and other world leaders.

They cannot continue to ignore the voice of the world community. The abuse of power by Netanyahu and the Israeli government must end now. They must be held to account for the genocide in Gaza.




3 Responses to ‘Stay Resilient’ by Joe McVeigh

  1. Surveyor May 17, 2024 at 10:07 pm #

    Another useful Hamas idiot.

  2. Nosuchanaplace May 18, 2024 at 9:42 am #

    Can you point out any discrepancies in the account or is this just a sneering, snide, throwaway remark generated from the computer that your mammy bought you that you keep in your bedroom battlefield?

  3. Donal Kennedy May 18, 2024 at 10:55 am #

    Why is “Surveyor” afraid (or ashamed) to declare his identity?

    He appears to survey only the Mickey Mouse Media of Britain and others complicit in the Genocide
    conducted by the Zionist Regime and ignore the history of the conflict.
    When Britain seized Palestine from the Ottoman Empire in 1917, Jews, who were living peacefully
    with Arab Moslems and Christians in much of that Empire comprised but 8% of the population of
    Palestine. They formed about 30% of the population of Palestine when Israel was founded in 1948.
    The change owed little to copulation and much to the murder and robbery of the Arab majority
    by Zionists.

    Al Jazeera has explained this history and shown the current genocide as it happens, together with
    coverage of the UN Security Council in New York and the International Court of Justice in the

    It seems to me that today’s Zionists are out- Heroding Herod’s slaughter of infants and intent on
    out-Hitlering Hitler’s efforts for a Final Solution of their concerns.

    I confess that may have a bias, arising from my birth on the 28th December 1941,
    The 28th of December commemorates the infants slaughtered by Herod,
    And, in January 1942, less than three weeks after I was born, the Nazis resolved to murder all the
    Jews in Europe.