The Right Wing Catholics have nothing to offer – by Joe McVeigh


I read an advertisement in the Irish News on 1st May. “Following Christ as a Catholic in Ireland Today”- Conference and Gala Dinner in Guildhall Derry on Saturday 11 May –with Grace before meals by Bishop Donal McKeown.

The first question I have to ask -who is paying for this advert? It is not clear. At the end it refers to Human Life International (Ireland), Guadalupe Centre, Knock

Who are the speakers? Those listed are Dana, Mickey Harte, John Pridmore, Patrick McCrystal

There will be Music provided for Dancing by Hugh P. and Maria Doherty

What a sad state the Catholic church is in when this is the best they have to offer the people.

“The people were hungry and they were given stones.”

One Response to The Right Wing Catholics have nothing to offer – by Joe McVeigh

  1. Another Jude May 20, 2024 at 9:42 pm #

    I used to think it was near impossible to be both Right Wing and Catholic. I could never understand people like Steve Bannon, Jacob Rees Mogg and co, people who were Catholic but could not see Christ in the poor and marginalised, whose fear and loathing of ‘the other’ is almost impossible to understand. It is political but surely they have to see how unChristlike it is to divide people by colour or wealth? I still can’t understand how a person can be totally opposed to abortion yet support the death penalty and vice versa. Some of the worst people politically active in America, die hard Trump supporters who wanted to overthrow the result of the last Presidential election are Catholic.