You guessed it. He was Conor Cruise O’Brien. I got to know a fellow pupil of the Cruiser and long-time friend. He was godfather of the Cruiser’s son Donal and the Cruiser was godfather of his son.But the friendship sundered when the Cruiser renounced his former principles.Flann Campbell, was an academic like the Cruiser, a teacher, author who had edited the IRISH DEMOCRAT and contributed to it until his death. He was the son of the patriot poet Joseph Campbell, whose My Lagan Love was set to beautiful music, and inherited modest royalties for it. James Joyce, in his angry attack – “Gas From A Burner”, on a publisher who refused publication for a piece of his, referred to Joseph Campbell, whose work wa published as “Mountainy Mutton.”
Anyhow, I understand  the Cruiser’s ignorant characterisation of the Christian Brothers was swallowed and regurgitated by Roy Foster.
Foster writes elegant prose or speaks it with lips and a sneer but the late Benedictine historian Brian Murphy of Glenstal Abbey, with exquisite manners could, figuratively cut his head off, hold it up and show it had no brains*. Fr Murphy’s demolition of Foster’s attack on Ken Loach’s film masterpiece,”THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY” is itself a masterpiece
 *Bernard Shaw said that, in debate, Leon Trotsky cut the heads off his opponents and held them up to show they  had no brains.
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