WHO IS IRELAND’S ENEMY? by Donal Kennedy


The late Brian O’Higgins, a Republican veteran of the 1916 Rising, 2nd Dail TD and lifelong opponent of any accommodation with Britain’s claims in Ireland, was not much of a poet, though he could produce a composition a day during his internment in Frongoch.
For decades he produced the only Christmas cards printed in Ireland that I can remember.
When Irishmen were getting slaughtered in Flanders and Gallipoli at the urging of John Redmond, Joe Devlin, T. P. O’Connor and other fools and chancers, he posed the question –
“Not Germany nor Spain,
 Not Russia, France not Austria,
 They forged for her no chains
  Nor quenched her hearths
  Nor razed her homes
  Nor laid her altars low
 Nor sent her sons to tramp the fields
 Amid the winter’s snow……………….”
 was his answer.
Despite the lies of Joe Biden it was Soviet Russia which liberated most of Europe  from the Nazis and placed their flag over the ruined Reichstag in Berlin.
In 1952 Stalin offered to withdraw Soviet troops from Germany and permit that country’s reunification provided it was neutral.
So far as I know the Soviets honoured every international agreement they signed. From 1929 until 1939 their foreign policy was conduced by Maxim Litvinov and it mirrored the international behaviour of Eamon de Valeraat the League of Nations from 1932 unwards, (In 1934 Poland signed a ten-year non-aggression  pact with the Third Reich, and when Hitler seized part of  Czechosovakia in 1938 Poland seized another part. Litvinov was replaced by Molotov who made a Pact with Ribbentrop, an understandably prudent move after Chamberlain’s
betrayal at Munich)
The rational, ethical and effective politics of giants Eamon de Valera and Frank Aiken have been abandoned by the clowns in office, academic and media   in Dublin .
The EU has morphed into a war-crazed circus. The head of what used to be our Defence Forces is “promoted” a Generalissimo and  politicians and civil servants of a once sovereign state are competing in that circus.
Some of an earlier generation in Ireland and other countries lost their heads and their balls for baubles such as Sam Browne Belts.

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