There was a song that went, back in the day. “Oh what a night it was/It really was, such a night!”  You might say the same about last Thursday. The Tory nightmare in Britain is over, the crumbling of the DUP may have started. We look at Sinn Féin, SDLP,Alliance and of course the DUP.

And then there was Keir Starmer’s massive victory and massive victory speech in Drowning Street  – well, compared to Rishi Sunak’s sodden speech in Drowning Street a few week’s back it was brilliant.

And then there is Ian Paisley’s lost seat, the Pat Cullen victory in Fermanagh / South Tyrone, winning by such a margin, that seat is no longer a knife-edge affair. Sinn Féin have it and they’ll  maintain their firm grip.

We may be late with our podcast this week but it’s fair to say we have lots to chew on. Join us in our digestion feast…

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