Politics-free Zone

As I’ve said in the main section, I’d like to use this part of the site for stuff that’s not got a political bent – more concerned with creative writing. I’ll put up stuff of my own from time to time and invite comment. If you’re interested in giving something you’ve written – non-political, remember, or at least with creativity the main element – then by all means put it up and let’s have a bit of discussion around it. I know people feel tentative about exposing creative stuff, especially if you haven’t done much of it yet, but believe me, it’s the only way. An un-audienced piece makes the sound of one hand clapping…

The Truth About Babies

  (Note: this should appear in the Politics-free Zone – it’s a short story I wrote some twenty years ago. If it’s not in Politics-free Zone, you’ll know I’m working on it) Presumer Livingstone and me, we avoided Frankie Dalton.  He was too clean – all shiny hair and trimmed fingernails and short trousers that […]

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Early Years

EARLY YEARS I was born on the Twelfth of July, 1942 – a poorly-chosen date for someone from a Catholic/nationalist background. It wasn’t so much a problem with  Protestants/unionists as with my own sort, who would mockingly enquire if my middle name was Billy and had I a sash at home. We lived a mile […]

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