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The coalition and clap-happy unionists

In the formation of government, did Fianna Fáil  factor in how unionists might respond to things southern?  Probably some thought at least. Here’s unionist journalist/commentator Alex Kane: “Unionists were finally able to heave a sigh of relief on Friday evening. Sinn Féin in government on both sides of the Border has been a recurring nightmare […]

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Alex Kane, John Brewer and telling it like it is

Alex Kane, the unionist commentator, had an interesting article in the News Letter yesterday. In it, he aimed both barrels at Prof John Brewer of QUB and pulled the trigger. Alex was cheesed off with Prof Brewer’s negative line on ‘conflict journalism’ and his favouring of ‘peace journalism’. ‘Conflict journalism’ – well, the name gives […]

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