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Nigel Dodds and the great Sea change

Does Nigel Dodds think the people in our sweet statelet are mentally defective?  That they will accept that what was declared black yesterday is today white, simply because he says it is? You’ll remember that Theresa May’s deal was sunk because it included a backstop which would have made an economic distinction between our sordid […]

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Dominic’s big moment

“Hooray for the fudge!” That’s what Dominic Raab, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, was saying as he pulled on his trousers and headed hot-foot to Brussels yesterday. After so may weeks and months (and years) of those Johnny Foreigners  acting high-and-mighty about the bloody Irish back-stop, they were now seeing sense and accepting – as Britain had […]

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Diane boots that backstop

After a period of careful training with her husband Nigel, Diane Dodds has stepped up and smashed the backstop ball past Leo Varadkar, Simon Coveney and Theresa May (political football allows as many goalkeepers as you want – the rules are very loose) and into the net. Hoooray! Afterwards, Diane explained her reason for kicking […]

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