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Trump and his fan-boy Johnson

Looking across the Atlantic this morning, Boris Johnson must be one happy man. The expectation that his role model, Donald Trump, would be brought to heel by the American electorate has proved ill-founded. More Americans voted for Trump in 2020 than did in 2016. So now Boris Johnson knows that You can have an absurdly-styled […]

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Trump v Biden – tomorrow’s TV debate

Tomorrow night Donald Trump faces Joe Biden in their first TV debate. Everybody’s looking forward to it. Will Trump intimidate Biden, as he tried to do with Hillary Clinton? Will Biden get mixed up in his responses to questions? Will Biden agree to Trump’s demand that he – Biden – take a drugs test first? […]

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Hello Joe, goodbye Donald??

View Post This blog first appeared as a column in the Andersonstown News Finally it’s official: Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s candidate for US president in November. He’s not so much a Teflon candidate as a window-pane candidate – he was vice-president under Obama for eight years and most of us were so busy observing Obama, Joe scarcely registered on our consciousness. Except for […]

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