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Dominic’s big moment

“Hooray for the fudge!” That’s what Dominic Raab, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, was saying as he pulled on his trousers and headed hot-foot to Brussels yesterday. After so may weeks and months (and years) of those Johnny Foreigners  acting high-and-mighty about the bloody Irish back-stop, they were now seeing sense and accepting – as Britain had […]

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Jim Allister and his deep love for BREXIT

  If Jim Allister didn’t exist, would we have to invent him so we’d know what a really right-wing politician looked and sounded like? He was holding forth yesterday on his position regarding Britain doing a BREXIT – leaving the EU- and he was passionate in his insistence that this would be a Good Thing. It […]

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Seven things I know about Greece

  Picture by Images_of_Money I’ve never been good at Maths. From the earliest days, the world of the isosceles triangle, let alone sines and co-sines was a world of impenetrable mystery. Which is why much of world economics passes over my head. I don’t know why Iceland went broke and is now back revving on […]

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