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The BREXIT vote has been like the explosion of a huge bomb – we’re still scrabbling around in the debris, sometimes making happy discoveries of life where we thought there was none, sometimes finding badly- wounded and fearful people. One of the discoveries that’s excited attention is the sight of Ian Paisley Jr urging his constituents […]

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OTRs and threats to the integrity of the justice system

I was driving home from a funeral today so I caught most of Radio Ulster/Raidio Uladh’s Talkback.  Unusually, it appeared to have just one topic of discussion: the report of the Northern Ireland Parliamentary Committee on Tony Blair’s on-the-runs scheme. There was much talk of the decision by the police to issue letters to 200 […]

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On empathy and schadenfreude

Normally when I meet cases of distress or frustration I feel sympathy.  Rabbits in snares, birds with broken wing, Orange marchers who want to get home.  But today I see a case of frustration which I’m afraid brings out the old schadenfreude in me. It seems David Cameron and his NI Secretary Theresa Villiers have barred […]

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