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The importance of close-up

 A few days ago,  a flock of sheep was herded through Westminster. An odd sight, you might think. Sheep don’t belong in the big city. Oh but they did it to get publicity? Almost certainly right, but why sheep? The people involved would have got as much or more publicity if a young woman had […]

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The DUP and that old-time border

Does the DUP want a hard border? Most of us would rather not think about the answer, but it’s vital we do. Unfortunately, it seems the answer is Yes. And No.   Let’s start with No. Even the most economically illiterate DUPer knows that a hard border will make life on this island markedly more […]

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Martina and what she asked Theresa to do with the border

I’ve just finished taking part in a discussion with Edwina Currie  on the Nolan radio show, where we were talking about Martina Anderson’s recent speech in the European Parliament. As you probably know by now,  the speech drew attention, not primarily because Martina was talking about the impact of Brexit on the border here, but […]

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