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Is Jeremy Corbyn MAD?

Picture by vaXzine “Political satire became obsolete when they awarded Henry Kissinger the Nobel Peace Prize.” – Tom Lehrer. We’re in between two anniversaries at the moment. On 6 August 1945,  the United States dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima; on 9 August 1945 it dropped another atom bomb on Nagasaki. Somewhere between 90,000 and […]

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Last night at West Belfast Talks Back: Lan go doras/full house

  I’ve been going to the Feile An Phobail’s ‘West Belfast Talks Back’ discussion for over – well over – ten years now. I was at it last night and I’ve never seen it so packed. Normally the crowd are there with an interest in seeing the odd-man/woman-out: the unionist representative, the anti-republican commentator. Not last […]

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On self-doubt and the verdict of others

Picture by Kombizz     We all have moments of self-doubt. You’ve been taking a particular line on a particular subject, or maybe a general line on things in general, and then the worm of doubt starts burrowing in: what if you’re wrong ?  What if the line you’re taking is a load of cobblers […]

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