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Alban,Gary and David: three men, one mind

I’ve just come off the Vinnie Hurrel/Stephen Nolan show. I was on with Alban Maginness, talking about the decision of St Cecelia’s College in Derry to make Martina Anderson their Past Pupil of the Day. If the school had announced   “We’ve just built a small devil-worshipping shrine off the gymnasium, a quiet place where girls […]

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Martina and what she asked Theresa to do with the border

I’ve just finished taking part in a discussion with Edwina Currie  on the Nolan radio show, where we were talking about Martina Anderson’s recent speech in the European Parliament. As you probably know by now,  the speech drew attention, not primarily because Martina was talking about the impact of Brexit on the border here, but […]

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