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The coalition and clap-happy unionists

In the formation of government, did Fianna Fáil  factor in how unionists might respond to things southern?  Probably some thought at least. Here’s unionist journalist/commentator Alex Kane: “Unionists were finally able to heave a sigh of relief on Friday evening. Sinn Féin in government on both sides of the Border has been a recurring nightmare […]

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Enda and Micheál and the border

The recent comments by various people on a possible border poll has excited widespread media attention. So who said what? Micheál Martin  (FF) thinks the remain vote in the north “may show people the need to rethink current arrangements…However, at this moment the only evidence we have is that the majority of people in Northern […]

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Structures, structures, never were there such convenient structures

What are structures, anyway? And how can they be peace-threatening?   I ask because the notion of ‘IRA structures’ has been tossed around mightily over recent days, not least by the three-wise-persons panel who declared that the IRA army council still existed, and that it gave orders/provided an over-arching umbrella for Sinn Féin and the IRA. […]

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