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Nicola Sturgeon: all set to spoil the BREXIT party?

Where’s the euphoria? Are Boris Johnson and Michael Grove doing leps and yips inside but showing the world their sober face, in case people might see them as power-hungry fanatics gloating in victory? Or are they in fact genuinely a bit scared at the monster they’ve created, which threatens to run havoc through Britain, including […]

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Faslane: the place where insanity and cost meet

Picture by Thiago Isvamsinsk I remember in the early sixties, we asked our old History teacher if he thought there’d be a war between the US and the USSR. “Well” he said “there’s never in history been a huge stock-piling of weapons between two sides without those weapons eventually being used”. Mercifully he was wrong, […]

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Mutually assured destruction: yes, they’re mad. And bad.

Sometimes the irony is too much, so vast it’s hard to describe. But I’ll try. During the Scottish leadership debate on Thursday, the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon made it clear that  a ‘red line’ issue for her party would be the renewal of the Trident nuclear submarine fleet, which would cost up to £100 billion. A […]

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