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The SDLP parks the bus across the road

As I type, I’m listening to John O’Dowd on Good Morning Ulster . O’Dowd has been asked by Noel Thompson  what the election of an abstentionist  Sinn Féin MP would do. His response cut to the heart of the abstentionist debate/distraction: what have those MPs from here who take their seats in the House of Commons achieved ? Noel […]

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Cries of “Sectarianism!” and Grade A bunkum

  We Irish  have a huge capacity for self-deception. Tell us that our pubs are invariably friendly, music-laden places and we’ll agree vigorously. Tell us that we’re welcoming to outsiders, that we have hearts as big as all-outdoors, and  we’ll nod like one of those soft toys in the back window of a car. But […]

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