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Drew Harris and the unfortunate end of a road-trip

If you check out Drew Harris on Wikipedia, you’ll learn that his father was a senior RUC officer who was killed by the IRA in 1989, that Drew himself joined the RUC in 1983, and that he gained a Masters degree in criminology from Cambridge. You will find no mention of the fact that in […]

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Counting coppers

  A: Well at least we’ve got the police thing sorted. B: How do you mean, sorted? A: Well, we started the PSNI with 50-50 recruitment but that’s not needed anymore. B: It’s not? A: No. It was an artificial system and while it was necessary to encourage nationalists to join the police, it was […]

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My night with Martin and George

Outside there were about 200 protestors, with professional-looking banners declaring that the police/RUC/PSNI were not welcome in West Belfast. Inside it was packed, but my companion and I sidled past people and snaffled two reserved seats in the front row…Well, they could have been reserved for us, couldn’t they? Casual dress was the order of the day, […]

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