About me


I’m an Irish writer and broadcaster. I was a high school teacher (in Derry and Dublin) and then for some eight years in Canada. In 1979 I came back to Ireland and worked as a lecturer in the Ulster Polytechnic, which in the 1980s morphed into the University of Ulster. They kicked me out when I hit 65. Fortunately I’ve been writing and broadcasting for several decades, so I continue with that. Life, all things considered, is good.*

“One of the most sectarian journalists I have ever come across” – Nelson McCausland

“That nasty little man Jude Collins”  – Nelson McCausland

 I was struggling to find a term suitable for Jude Collins but I couldnt, so prat will have to do” – Willie Frazer

“You are a rebel, you are the most distasteful person I have ever met, you are not a member of the Orange Order…you are a nonentity.” – David McNarry                                                                             

* I am, of course, deeply offended by Nelson referring to me as a ‘journalist’.


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