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I think that some readers may believe in a level playing field for all humanity and that each human has rights and responsibilities. Moses came down from a mountain with a set of rules, which if followed’ would save a lot of grief. The French Revolutionists preached liberte, egalite e fraternite which poorly reflected the Ten Commandments.

But the idea that we are all equal, but some are more equal than others seems to have many followers.

In the 1890s the French Army Captain, Alfred Dreyfus was framed and found guilty of passing military secrets to Germany. He was paraded in front of aboutfour thousand troops, the buttons and epaulettes torn from his tunic and his sword broken. The punitive ceremony was known as Degradation. He wassentenced to imprisonment, and a formerly abandoned prison a Hellhole On “Devil’s Island” off the South American coast re-opened for his sole benefit where he was expected to die.

A vile press campaign preceded the trial and continued after it, with calls for Dreyfus’s execution. Dreyfus was Jewish, and anti-Semitism was the driving force of his persecutors, who were, largely, Catholic. Early in the following decade, the Novelist,Emile Zola accused named persons with falsifying the evidence against Dreyfus, and following investigation, his conviction quashed, Dreyfus was restored to his rank in the French Army. He served France in the First World War and lived on to die, his honour vindicated, until 1935. Emile Zola died shortly after writing “J’Accuse” in defence of Dreyfus, and it is suspected that he was murdered.

In 1905 the French Republic returned to its secular roots and the pretensions of Catholic bigots got no concessions from the state, though they didn’t disappear.

Another French Officer, Andre Serot, fared worse than Dreyfus. Serot served in the Second World War against the Nazis and with the UNITED NATIONS in Palestine, after it. He was a friend of Count Folke Bernadotte, one of two Swedish diplomats who saved the lives of many Jews from the NAZIS.

Bernadotte’s credentials were such that the United Nations chose him to negotiate peace between Jews and Arabs in Palestine. Bernadotte never carried arms nor were United Nations soldiers who travelled with him armed. In September 1948 Bernadotte and Serot were shot dead by a gang of Zionists acting under the orders of a Mr Shamir who later became head of the Israeli Secret Service “MOSSAD”, and later served two terms as Prime Minister of Israel.

The United Nations Security Council condemned the murders and, when the bodies of Count Bernadotte and Colonel Seot were flown into Paris, there to pay their respects were, amongst others –

UN Secretary General  Trygvie Lie

US Secretary of State   General George Marshall

UK Foreign Secretary    Ernest Bevin

Canadian Prime Minister McKenzie King.

There are no statues in London of Count Bernadotte though I could show you one to Sweden’s Other Hero,

Raoul  Wallenberg who saved Jewish lives.

 No essays by Britain’s ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the heroism of Bernadotte though one on Wallenberg

No plays by Henry Jackson Society Star  Douglas Murray about Bernadotte but one about Wallenberg.

Neither Bernadotte nor Colonel Serot were anti-Semitic or their names would be better remembered. They are names that have been erased by supporters of those who murdered them,so that Colonel Serot and Count Folke Bernadotte are NON-PERSONS, and to record their names is a THOUGHT CRIME in the Orwellian Dystopia which Gordon Brown, Douglas Murray, their NEO-CON cronies,  their paid, prostitute propagandists and polemicists have created.

The character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn, though it is part of a tradition – the bogus “Zinoviev Letter” of 1924, MI5 smears of “Soviet Agent” Harold Wilson.”Soviet Agent” Michael Foot, still peddled by THE TIMES,.Even Ed Milliband, whose father served in the British Navy in the Second World War,   a      cwas accused by THE DAILY MAIL of having inherited a hatred of Britain from his father. The DAILY MAIL supported Fascism, Italian and British and Nazism until the outbreak of war with Germany in1939 and Italy in 1940.

But it is only now that the charge is made that Jeremy Corbyn personally and the Labour Party generally are anti-Semitic.

And it is made by accomplices of those who murdered Colonel Serot and Count Folke Bernadotte.

Related piece to follow.

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