SIR CHRISTOPHER MEYER -“Suave, red sock-wearing British Ambassador” by Donal Kennedy

I quote the heading of the man’s Obituary in THE TIMES (July 29 2022)
The photographs below the  heading depict an obviously intelligent and personable gent. One shows him presenting a bust of Winston Churchill  to George W.Bush in the Oval Office.
When he retired from the Diplomatic Service Meyer became Chairman of The Press Complaints Commission, an office once held by Baron Colnbrook (1922-1996) better known in Ireland as SIr Humphrey Atkins.
If there is one trait that links George W. Bush, Winston Churchill, Humphrey Atkins and Sir Christopher Meyer (or indeed the British Foreign Office and the, now defunct British Press Complaints Commission), it is A LESS THAN PEDANTIC CONCERN FOR THE
The  Obituary starts:-
“Ambassadors come in different  shapes and sizes. There are the rigorously intellectual  and fastidious types. And there are the buccaneers and pragmatists, concerned, above all ‘with getting things done’. Sir Christopher Meyer, Ambassador at Washington at the end of the Clinton Administration, and throughout George W Bush’s first term, was  emphatically a member of the second category.
‘We want you  to get up the arse of the White House and stay there,’ was the instruction Meyer claimed he received from from Tony Blair’s chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, when Bush took up residence there in 2001.”
After 9/11 when Blair identified himself as America’s uncritical servant Meyer was already happily lodged in the White House’s Arse. He left Washington before the younger Bush’s Iraq War.
He said “My presence in Washington wouldn’t  have made the blindest bit of difference……In my experience of the first Gulf War and the Kosovo and Afghan war, when a war starts, diplomacy takes a back seat ”   So he was out of the Arsehole and into the Press Complaints Commission. An institution arising from a collaboration of Mars and Uranus which I will describe anon.
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